Online Personal Training & NUTRITION COACHING - Achieve Your Goals Anywhere - it is up to you

Can Personal Training really work over the internet? I help busy women get fit without any need to go to the gym – and it will work for you. 

Discover how my Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching will help you take control of your fitness.

How Does It Work?

My online plans help you reach your health and fitness goals with no need for a gym, special health foods, or silly supplements. Train at home, or anywhere that suits you. Freedom, flexibility, and the ultimate custom bespoke training and nutrition plans.

Ideal for busy women who juggle work, travel, family, and lots of other commitments – but want to get fitter, be healthier, and change how they look and feel. And it’s great value compared to normal PT in a gym.

What Can You Achieve?

Step 1

Let’s ASSESS your lifestyle, habits, and routines
At your initial consultation, I will learn about your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, goals, and training history.

Step 2

I CREATE a completely custom plan
With the information from our consultation, I will build you a bespoke plan which fits with your lifestyle.

Step 3

You SUCCEED in reaching your goals
Your plan includes regular check-ins, support, a full exercise library, and explainer videos.

Training Plans

Nutritional Coaching

Support and Accountability

What Does It Cost?

VIP One to One Coaching

Personalised Training Plan
& Nutritional Coaching


Monthly (3 x £119)
(12 week programme)


Ready to give your training and nutrition laser-beam focus so you can reach that goal you’ve been dreaming about? My top-level coaching give you education, tools, resources, training and nutrition plans, support, and motivation.

You’ll get a personalised training plan, and personalised nutrition coaching (including calories and macros) plus 24/7 access to me for support. My check in process (including progress photos and reviews) helps you create new lifestyle habits.

Invest in 1-2-1 coaching support to take your results beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

Slim FIT Programme

Training Plan
& Nutritional Coaching


(6 week programme)

Fed up with starting diets that leave you hungry, frustrated, and confused about what to eat? Wish you knew how to eat healthy, tasty food – and actually drop body fat consistently?

This 6-week coaching programme tackles diet and nutrition through habit changes, teaching you how to develop a healthy relationship with food and eating. Along the way, you’ll learn exactly how (and what) to eat so you can lose weight and get leaner – and stay that way.

No more dieting. Enjoy the food you like to eat and hit your weight-loss target – for real.

Personalised Training Plan

Training Plan (no nutrition)


(4 week programme)

If you’re already confident in the gym, but want to level up your training sessions to get better results, this monthly plan will get you there.

Bulletproof your workouts so you know exactly how to fine tune your results: exercise selection, rep ranges, tempo, and accountability coaching.

Only Gym Beginner Programme

Training Plan (no nutrition)


(4 week programme)

Confused and overwhelmed by the amount of equipment in the gym? No idea where to start? This is for you. This monthly gym training plan will get you feeling confident and at-home in any gym, so you focus on effective training – and see results!

Learn the best exercises for your goals, with proper training technique, so you never have to guess again. This programme includes weighted exercises, bodyweight movements, and cardio. Walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do, every time.

This plan includes explanatory videos in my app.

How Is Online Training Delivered?

You’ll get your plan within 5 days of your initial consultation. Everything is online, via email, with progress reviews and goal setting sessions done by Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. 

All plans have unlimited email support, and most have daily WhatsApp access to me. The section above shows exactly what you get with each plan.

What Can I Expect?

My online clients are focused people who know what they want and are ready to have work hard to achieve it. You must be committed to the process – this includes weekly check-ins, filling in an online training diary, and honest feedback about your training and diet. In return, I promise a varied and interesting plan, plenty of contact, and ongoing support. I will do everything I can to help you succeed. But it all starts with your commitment.