Hi, I’m Michaela Zizkova

My coaching career is dedicated to getting women like you fitter, healthier, and happier. It all starts with exercise and healthy eating, but the results go further than your new body shape. You’ll be smiling with self-confidence, and amazed at how much you love your fitter lifestyle!
As a child, a minor health issue meant I couldn’t continue with gymnastics. At the time, this was devastating. I never lost that passion for fun and fitness. Eventually, I found a way to get back to training (even with asthma). And my career path became clear: to help people find their own way around challenges and barriers, so they could enjoy being fit.

My Promise To You

1. Enjoyment

The results you get are the most important thing here. And I believe you will do best when you enjoy fitness and want to work hard. I take my job seriously so you can put your energy into making progress.

2. Honesty

I am a down-to-earth, approachable fitness coach. I don’t judge or tell people off. I understand your busy lifestyle, and realise what a big step it is to contact a coach. I will always give you an honest and realistic plan.

3. Results

Of course you want results! That’s why you’re here. I am certain I can help you lose weight, shape up, improve your health, and be happier with your body. You will get results – probably better than you have imagined!

4. Learning

My passion is teaching clients how to manage their own health and fitness. I won’t just tell you what to do. I’ll explain why, so you can understand what works. That way, you can keep your results for life.


Want to know why most “diets” fail? There’s no real support or accountably. I will be with you every step of the way to keep you on track – motivated, strong, and focused. Accountability means results!

I Help Busy Women Get Fitter & Stay Healthy

10 Reasons To Choose Ziza Fitness

My Story​

I loved gymnastics as a child, and was shattered when I had to leave because I had asthma and was told I would never be good enough to keep up. Those feelings fuelled my passion for fitness, and I found a way forward.

I used to see so many people in the gym who desperately wanted better results, but couldn’t find the help they needed. I set about becoming the Personal Trainer they had been looking for.

Now here I am: PT, nutritional advisor, fitness instructor, and dance teacher. I work online with clients (offering fitness, exercise, and diet coaching) and do 1-2-1 Personal Training plus group exercise classes in Bristol.

My passion is using healthy eating and nutrition to help women achieve their goals – no matter how busy life gets. I am dedicated to learning and passing on my knowledge, so you can become the most clued-up, healthy version of yourself.