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Fun, friendly fitness training and nutrition with incredible results!

Are you fed up of “dieting” yet never really losing weight ? Discover how to reshape your body, and glow with confidence – by taking control of your health.

Life is busy, but you can’t ignore your health and fitness. How do some busy women fit it all in? Imagine being a fit, slim person who exercises regularly without a second thought. Wouldn’t it feel great to know you have it all under control?

I can show you how.

I’m Michaela Zizkova, and my mission is helping you be an effortlessly active person. You can work with me online from anywhere, or face-to-face in Bristol.

Maybe you’ve tried the gym but find it boring, confusing, or intimidating. Perhaps you were sporty before your children, and struggled to get back into it. Or maybe you’re desperate to tackle your relationship with food but don’t know where to start.

This is fun, friendly fitness and nutrition training you can trust.

You want to

Together we will get results, and see how empowering food and fitness can be with the right support.

Why Women Love Ziza Fitness

Expert Safe Hands

Work with a fitness trainer and nutrition coach to learn what works for you.

I don’t give out fad diets, outdated information, or cookie-cutter plans. Get results and learn how to maintain them.

Friendly & Fun

Fitness should be fun, and healthy eating should be enjoyable. Let me show you how those “effortlessly fit” people do it!

Whatever previous experience you’ve had, let’s turn it around and show you another way.


Fitness & Nutrition

Work with me to tackle every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, activity, diet and nutrition, healthy eating, sleep, and stress. I’ll design your plan around the foods you love, so you can still enjoy treats AND lose weight.


Get Results & Support

My goal – to get results. With my knowledge and expertise, plus your hard work and enthusiasm, we can achieve great things.

Want to know why most “diets” fail? There’s no real support or accountably. I will be with you every step of the way to keep you on track – motivated, strong, and focused. Accountability means results!


Is Ziza Fitness Right For Me?

Do you keep meaning to get fit, join a gym, or start running – but never find the time? Need to tackle your diet – but don’t know where to start? Then my style of coaching is right for you.

What Makes This Different?

I don’t train people who are already super-fit. My mission is helping busy women, Mums, business owners, and women coming back to fitness after having a baby. I understand the struggles of time, emotions, fears, and previous experiences with fitness and diet. I want to show you how easy – and enjoyable – it can be.

How To Get Started

Work with me online – choose the training and nutrition coaching plan that suits you. Not sure which is best? Get in touch and I will talk you through it. It’s your body and your life, so you need to find a plan that will work around your schedule.

What Happens Next

Check out my Services page or send me an email.

What People Say About Me

I have been training with Michaela for over a year now, I go to her Metafit classes every Wednesday at Somerdale Pavillion and I have just started the Ladies who lift class (weight training) at Wellsway on Saturdays. Michaela always get you exited to exercise before every class, her warm ups are fun and she always motivates you to work harder even when you think you can’t!

I am so much stronger than I was last year and instead of finding exercise a chore I actually can’t wait to go to my classes now! She has created so many great programmes like the ‘January Jumpstart Challenge’ that I took part in earlier this year which included a meal plan, recipes and work outs as well as constant support and motivation and a Facebook group where you can post your progress and ask any questions.

I enjoy working out so much now and it’s definitely down to Michaela changing my view on fitness and exercise! I now feel a lot more confident with weights and feel as if I could walk into the weights area of the gym and know exactly what to do whereas before I would only use the cardio machines! She is an amazing pt/ instructor!!!!”

Amy Sinclair
Personal Training Client

Absolutely love Michaela's classes. I was recommended her classes after feeling unmotivated by a lot of other trainers. The energy and dedication that Michaela has towards fitness really drives me to work hard and achieve my goals.

I became fitter, stronger and more confident as a result and started to feel passionate about exercise again. Michaela will push you to achieve your fitness goals and educate you in nourishing your body. I always leave her classes feeling incredibly positive and very much looking forward to the next session.

Nikki Copp
Personal Training Client

Before I started working with Michaela, nothing really inspired me to exercise. I was lazy, struggling with my previous attempts to exercise and I needed a big push and get motivated. Michaela helped me to get to my target weight and feel confident about myself.

Give it a try, Michaela is lovely, very knowledgeable. She makes you work hard but will get you there for sure. I love her classes as they are always fun, full of energy.

Monica CruzRios
Personal Training Client

2 years ago I decided to completely change my lifestyle. The turning point was when I saw a hideous photograph of myself & when my size 16 clothes started to become tight. I was feeling depressed about my body, had no energy & couldn’t find any clothes I felt happy in. I tried the gym before & hated it so I looked for a fitness group I might like. I came across Michaela’s class -piloxing (a combination of dance, pilates & boxing) & thought I would give it a go. I absolutely loved it & attended every week. Michaela had so much energy & made the classes fun & motivating.

I began to get that ‘buzz’ for fitness that I heard people talking about & attended her classes more often. The weight started to come off (combined with eating a healthy diet) & I have now managed to shift near 3 stone! I feel so much happier/healthier & low & behold now enjoy the gym as I have more energy!

Michaela is very approachable/friendly & has supported me throughout. Her online coaching programme is unique. She is extremely professional (you can tell she is fully qualified) giving amazing nutritional advice as well as designing the best fitness programme adapted to your specific needs. Her passion for her job really shows & I can not recommend her enough! I can’t wait to start her weight training for ladies programme! Thanks for all your help Michaela! Emma x

Emma Jenkins
Personal Training Client

Before i met Michaela i wasn't interested in classes and from the first class i done with her i was hooked and look forward to them every week. I always left feeling energised and positive. The best thing was feeling strong and getting fitter.

Michaela always demonstrated the exercises professionally and checked you were performing them properly.

Anyone considering working with Michaela will be very satisfied. She takes so much pride in her fitness. She will take great interest in you archiving your goal. She is also fully knowledgeable in nutrition too. She is always happy and upbeat, a pleasure to work with.

Tricia Henson
Personal Training Client

Michaela has a wonderful passion for getting connected and in sync with everyone in the class by adding call and response games and a chance to improvise in some parts of songs. When the moves get intense, she makes it into a fun team effort every time. She isn't afraid to raise the difficulty and cater to people's energy levels before and after long songs.

I received a big boost in confidence and I felt very accepted by her and the class since day one. Being the only man within my age group can also be a challenge and the fear quickly left. I also felt really pleased with myself for the first time doing exercise, and I did not feel drained or low after any sessions.

I cannot recommend her enough. It is so rare to have a person who makes the effort in so many areas that I mentioned above. Communication, great observation of the class' needs, fun-loving enthusiasm and challenging at the right times!

Rhys Williams
Personal Training Client